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I agree. Here are similar sentiments from columnist Gene Lyons published this weekend.


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I've long since accepted that legacy media will not do their Constitutional duty and act as the 4th rail of democracy.

There have been hundreds of tweets, posts, essays, newsletters pleading with media to provide context and historical framing (much less pro-democracy framibg) to their stories.

If only out of self-preservation, one would expect Beltway politicians to understand that one of the very first acts of an authoritarian is to repress a free press.

As their counterparts around the world are jailed (or worse) for telling the unvarnished truth, US political journalists negotiate book deals, soft-peddle interviews in exchange for access, and continually engage in cartoonish false equivalencies.

I guess these journalists think that repression of their profession won't occur under a 2nd Trump term.

Whose going to tell them?

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I think there’s still time to fight back and win.

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