You guys were much too generous to the New York Times. That was an absurd story, and the headline was a caricature of the Times' gutless, both-sidesing headline-writing style.

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Well, I would like to have seen the word used in the headline to be "hypocrisy" but nowadays too many trump types seem to take that as a badge of honor.

I am getting tired of people saying they will vote for trump because they feel "isolated" or "unappreciated." Particularly for cops, isn't the way to stop being unappreciated is to police themselves, weed out the "bad apples" whether by firing or desk duty or demotion, and get to a place where those you are hired to protect really believe that's what you are doing? Whatever the union leaders may say (all three of them) do the rank and file really believe in beating up folks? Letting them hit their heads when they enter the cop car because "that'll teach them?"

I can understand that cops may make mistakes, resulting in unwarranted shootings. I don't have any trouble letting them continue if they admit it was a mistake and take whatever penalties there are for actual negligence.

And obviously, all mistakes aren't negligence. Some are just mistakes. If this were the consistent approach to truly mistaken shootings or beatings, maybe the public would be less incensed when a kid gets shot after wielding a toy gun in bad lighting.

"Defund the police" was a really, really unfortunate slogan. Virtually everyone who used it meant "reallocate funds" so that cops would be relieved of having to respond to things that others were in a better position, with better training, to handle. I should think your basic cop would PREFER that model.

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I really appreciate that you write/speak about headlines and word choices!

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