Spot on here, Mark:

"If you’re a news outfit dedicated to facts, you’re not going to be friendly with a political party that lies. And if you’re friendly with a political party that lies, you’re not going to be a news outfit dedicated to facts.

It’s a teeter-totter of truth. When one goes up, the other goes down. "

It's one of many reasons why I continue to advocate for industry standards for any news org or individual allowed to call what they produce "news." Even with such standards, folks could still produce anything they wanted, as they do now.

But the public, public discourse, advertisers, and the news industry itself, as well as the democracy which allows all of it would benefit from well-crafted standards. Such guardrails would force media orgs like CNN to make a choice of which side of that teeter totter they want to be on.

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Highlighting the wins is crucial in these dark times.

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CNN used to be a credible media source - but times have certainly changed. They don’t exactly use “both sides do it” so much as they offer unsupervised (and free of charge) access by serial liars to their audience. There ought to be some sort of rating or warning sign to let audiences know which angle a program or episode will use. Keep up the great writing Mark. This kind of analysis is really valuable. Thanks!

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Collins, Hunt and Phillip-- three women -- are tough-as-nails reporters who have provided a great service to the American public by asking the hard questions. I applaud CNN for hiring them and promoting them.

Under their questioning, liars have been exposed. Since when is it the journalist’s role to make public figures “suffer for their sins?” Let’s let higher powers handle that.

As for town halls, the problem lies in the tilted audiences, not the CNN hosts, who repeatedly push for the truth. The format should either be changed or abolished.

Train your sights on the real culprits -- right-wing media .

Huntly Collins

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We ditched cable almost 3 years ago when we moved. I haven't missed CNN (which used to run in the background almost all day) one whit.

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