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Thank you for itemizing these ridiculous incidents!

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There are rumblings in Arkansas. People are not very

happy, including Republicans.

I live here and watch what's going on with Huckabee Sanders and our legislature.

Lots of Dems running up and

down ballot for primary and

general election.

The LEARNS Act was a big

mistake. Same with the voucher system and of course there's Podiumgate.😁

Lots of other bushwa out of

Little Rock.

Speak up, speak out! Vote smart!

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Smart and informed people know what a vile a dangerous person is. Trouble is, not enough of them live in Arkansas.

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We need the people of Arkansas to realize Cotton is a cheap, conniving politician unfit to be one of their two senators.

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In addition to being a sunshine Ranger, Cotton also received a Bronze Star for his “service” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cool, bruv! Except he has never made clear what his “service” consisted of. Actual fighting against the enemy? Who knows? His citation for the Bronze Star was the usual DoD cut-and-paste PR palaver. Only one thing is clear - his Bronze Star did not have the “V” for “valor.”

(Yes, I know, officers give medals to each other all the time as you-scratch-my-back transactions to jack up their military careers and later when they become politicians.)

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