Media Misses: Stop the Fuzzy Framing. State the Facts!

Too many news outlets let bad guys and extremists off the hook in their reluctance to address them directly

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Today’s installment of our short video series “Media Misses” looks at major media getting squishy on the facts. North Carolina Republican candidate Mark Robinson has unquestionably made antisemitic comments, but the New York Times says they were “widely seen” as antisemitic. So it’s just an opinion? Also, the Washington Post’s headline on Paul Manafort said he was “criticized for Russian ties” when it should have directly said he had Russian ties. It’s not partisan sniping – it’s a fact.

Watch our conversation below:

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Stop the Presses
Media Misses
A short video series calling out journalism's failures to effectively confront right-wing extremism. Produced in collaboration with Steven Beschloss.